Introducing ACPTR Director Slider568

Hello Cadets!

My name is Slider568. I figured I'd introduce myself in a few paragraphs here, don't want to be a stranger after all! So sit down, grab a nice refreshment, and I'll tell you a tale of excitement and adventure... or maybe just summarize what I'm all about and inflate myself by rambling on for a few minutes about my achievements (kidding... maybe)... anyways! I'm excited to be back as one of the ACPTR directors now, but ACPTR isn't new to me by any means. I first became sole leader of ACPTR in the early part of 2011 when Twingy finally retired from the regiment. After leading for several months, I too stepped down when I was first promoted to third in command in ACP. It was at times, difficult to find someone to fill the shoes of the likeness of Directors such as Declan12 who inherited ACPTR from me, and so over many many years even in retirement I've been known to take up the mantle of leading ACPTR.

You can read more about me on the history page here on the site (which as of now please excuse the not so mild narcism, sometimes past leaders, probably me as well honestly, got carried away, and one of the items on my to do list is to clean it up a bit), but long story short I've been a Director more times than I can count, and after been awarded the Medal Of Training (the highest achievement one staff member can ever hope to ascend to) I've been known as one of the longer standing advisors in this great and noble organization!

You'll see me as much as I can make myself active, at the moment finals for school are taking up my priorities, and I've got a sort of hectic life right now, but I'm very proud to be Directing the ACPTR once again with Koloway & helping him as well as the other staff members here build up a new ACPTR we can all be proud of. Towards the middle of December look out for some events I'm planning on organizing, they'll be posted here with what I hope will be adequate notice.

Please feel free to ask me any questions here in the comments, or on discord, and if you'd like to strike up a conversation I'd be more than happy to talk!

Until Next Time,
March On

ACPTR Director

ACPTR Opening Ceremony [RESULTS]

Hey, Cadets!
Today was a historic day for the ACPTR. We logged onto Breeze, CPATG for our ACPTR OPENING CEREMONY! With our first tactic, we showed up in the Town and swiftly moved to the Coffee Shop, where class began. Class took place on discord where Cadets were exposed to the nature and expectations of ACPTR, and introductions took place on Discord also. Great work, ACPTR! We maxxed 9 in our first event, and we hope to see everyone come back tomorrow for class. To everyone NOT yet in the ACPTR, sign-ups close on December 6th for this session. 5 black clovers for your attendance, cadets!

ACPTR Director

Welcome to the ACPTR!

Addressed to the ACPTR
Welcome to our brand new website, being used to host the first class of ACPTR in years. Writing this post is Koloway, one of two new ACPTR Directors. If you're here, I'm sure you have many new questions opening up in your mind. To quote our About page:

Welcome to the ACPTR, otherwise known as The Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment.
This is a section of our community open to all who aim to better themselves and better their army.
This is a place for everyone who wants to give their all for the clovers, and become true CLOVER DEFENDERS.
If you're seeing this, that means you've taken interest in ACPTR. What next?
Apply by DMing a member of High Command on our Discord.
There will be additional events held outside of our normal ACP events, and the #acptr-main chat will always be open and ready for you to learn more.
It is a 4 week program, with people graduating and joining every month. 
There is a special ACPTR curriculum which will be taught in classes.
Attendance to these events will gain you special Black Clovers, which will reflect your graduation status and can be turned in after graduation for REAL clovers used towards promotions.
Welcome to the ACPTR, Cadet! We hope to see you graduate with an A+, and we hope to see you become the best you can be.

We with ACPTR hope you enjoy your stay, and we hope to see you graduate with an A+!

ACPTR Directors