June 2020: A+ Graduates


The June 2020 course has come to an end! Thank you to every single cadet that made the effort to attend as many classes as they could. Now, it's time to announce those that have graduated with an A+.

  • Kailey
  • ZoomXT
  • Lily250
  • Zelly
  • Beiruk
  • Bloodmoon
  • Voice of Reason
  • Eunhyes
  • Laboss
  • Kimi
  • YasMini
  • Polymorphing
  • Dest
  • Storm
Congratulations on achieving an A+! You have all been added to the graduates page. 

If you did not graduate this month, you are more than welcome to enlist to the ACPTR program next month and try again. 

Lesson 7: Battle vs. Pizza Federation (UK/US)

Hello Cadets!

The final lesson of this course saw the UK/US cadets battle the Pizza Federation. Putting into practice everything we have learned in lessons, we did fantastic. Congratulations and well done to all the cadets that attended and helped led.

14 cadets were present.

Comment with the following for your attendance to count:
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Lesson 7: Practice Battle vs. Water Troops (AUS/UK)

Hello Cadets!

In Lesson 7, Organized by Zelly and Cubster the troops lead them selfs in a battle against Water Troops. using all the skills they have been taught this month were put to the test in this battle and all troops did fantastically

10 cadets were present.