June 2020 ACPTR Course: Sign Ups

Hello ACP!

The ACPTR programme is returning for the month of June. You can sign up now by contacting Max on the ACP Discord. Here is some important information to note: 
  • All information regarding event schedule will be posted in the #acptr-bulletin channel. 
  • There will be a total of 7 lessons across the 4 week course. To achieve an A+ grade you will need to attend at least 6 of these.
  • Each lesson will occur twice, one at UK/US times and again at AUS/UK times. You only need to attend each lesson once. 
  • One lesson will be on Club Penguin, and the other will be a Discord lesson with a Kahoot quiz at the end, to test your knowledge! 
  • The events on CP Army: The Game will be focused on attempting new and innovative tactics/formations, so that ACP can continue to push the boundaries in the community. 
  • You can view the curriculum, lesson plan and grading system by clicking here.

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