We want every cadet to succeed here in ACPTR! So it is our goal, in order to maximise attendance of all cadets that we will actively schedule events to fit every timezone. 

Week 1

Opening Ceremony: This is our first event for the month and we implore you to attend, especially if you're new to ACP and Club Penguin Armies as a whole. Here instructors will guide you through the basics of being part of the Army of Club Penguin. Everything from our purpose, how to earn promotions, and what types of events we organise will be explained. This is the perfect event to not only become introduced to the members of the High Command and ACPTR, but also ask any questions you have thus far.

Lesson 1: CPR

Week 2

Formations: Week 2 is all about the basic and complex formations. Using rooms to our advantage, forming basic and elaborate shapes composed of lines, multiple lines, circles, etc etc. This week is all about getting acquainted with taking commands from discord and in a timely manner applying that to Club Penguin. At the first few events the idea is to go over basic formations, practice them, and then more onto more elaborate formations. At these events instructors should also begin practicing quick room changes, and mention the concept of lock outs at events such as battles during war and tournaments.

Lesson 2: CPR
Lesson 3: ACP History & Kahoot Quiz

Week 3

Tactics: Once you've learnt formations it's time to become acquainted with tactics. Tactics are another way how armies compete with each other. Think of tactics as the actual firefight in a battle, and formations as strategic placement of troops. Tactics include both emote and phrases. During this week we'll practice doing tactics in formation, the art of a bomb, and performing tactics in more elaborate ways such as a sweep, waterfall, and etc. In the final events you'll learn the best ways to preform tactics where we type out a phrase and you'll be expected to copy and paste said phrase from Discord to Club Penguin.

Lesson 4: CPR
Lesson 5: ACP History & Kahoot Quiz

Week 4

Practice Battles: It's time to apply what you've learned in a number of skirmishes! In these classes you'll apply what you've learned in the weeks before to get started. Afterwards we'll start holding practice battles. This is meant to be a fun event where instructors give cadets the opportunity to take the reigns. Separated into two groups we'll see how cadets do leading. The opportunity for extra credit is strong with events like these, and we'll see which cadet group takes the win!

Lesson 6: Practice Battle led by Cadets
Lesson 7: Practice Battle vs. ??


You've come far! We hope you've learned a lot and done well. This week culminates in a closing event to sum everything up, answer any questions you may have, and of course, celebrate your accomplishments! Worry not! We'll always be here to answer any questions you may have even after you're finished in ACPTR. We hope you've made some great friendships along the way and your training here is going to serve you well in ACP! A lot of our former leaders were A+ graduates, so we have great expectations for you as well! If you've worked hard and earned the esteemed A+ grade you will be awarded a special Discord role. 

Grading System

For every event attended, each cadet will receive 1 badge. At the end of the ACPTR session for the month, badges will be converted into real clovers at a x2 rate.

Graduation from ACPTR is based on the attendance of a certain number of events. Below you can find our grade system.

A+ 6-7 badges
A 5 badges
B 4 badges
C 3 badges
Fail 2 or less badges