Hall of Fame

ACPTR Hall Of Fame
Omega39: 1st leader and founder
Jedimaster17: 2nd Leader with Clintos007
Clintos007: 2nd Leader with Jedimaster17
Manjenson: 3rd and 5th Leader with TyloV5
TyloV5: 1st Co-Leader, 4th Leader, 5th Leader with Manjenson, & 6th Leader
Hawkboy15: 2nd Co-Leader with Packer1nfl
Packer1nfl: 2nd Co-Leader with Hawkboy15
Wolvetone: 4th Co-Leader
Yanksrule14: 5th Co-Leader with Snowballpink
Casiusbrutus: 1st High Commissioner, and 1st Chief Executive Officer
Motor20: 2nd High commissioner
Matre10: 7th Leader
Snowballpink: 5th Co-Leader, and 8th Leader 
Rider4429: (Unknown Chronological No.) ACPTR Co-leader
Danny9632: (Unknown Chronological No.) ACPTR Co-leader
Twingy: 9th Leader, and  7th co-leader.
Jack: 10th Leader, and 10th Co-Leader
Cg2916: 11th Co-Leader 
Sklooperis: 12th Co-Leader, and 11th Leader
Smartuin: 13th Co-Leader, and 33rd Co-Leader
Slider568: 14th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 26th Co-Leader, 12th,  14th, 16th, 19th, 39th, 47th, & 48th Leader, & 2nd ACPTR Chief Executive Officer
Jcapp: 15th Co-Leader
12declan12: 13th Leader
Ladtom: 16th Co-Leader
Monsterfully: 17th Co-Leader
Ek: 19th Co-Leader
Swimmerboy: 19th Co Leader
Asdfghjkl888: 20th Co leader, and 14th Leader 
Coolto: 16th Leader 
Tes:  16th Leader, 20th Co-Leader, & 33rd Co leader
Mchappy: 1st Superintendent, and 17th Leader
Antant98: 18th Leader, and 20th Leader, 21st, & 25th Co Leader 
Purple Slime4: 21st Co-Leader, and 21st Leader
Ajman: 22nd Co-Leader
Simply Leave: 20th Leader, 23rd, & 26th Co-Leader
Superoo13: 27th Co-Leader, 24th Co-Leader, & 25th Co-Leader 
78562cool: 28th Co-Leader
Epicorange1: 29th Co-Leader, 24th Co-Leader
Levandoski: 30th Co-leader
Maxy777: 30th Co-leader
Hershay:  26th Co-Leader, and 31st Co-Leader
Purple Slime4: 27th Co-Leader, 32nd Co-Leader
Nnpingwin: 28th Co-Leader
Mel7714: 33rd Co-Leader
Lumarnati: 29th Leader, 35th Co-Leader, 39th Co-Leader, 40th Leader
Skyfish: 30th Co-Leader, 36th C0-Leader
Kenz112: 37th Co-Leader
King Mondo: 38th Co-Leader
Sonic/Adam: 39th Co-Leader
Djkb: 40th Co-Leader
SlippyKicky: 41st Co-Leader
Aeropos: 40th Co-Leader, 42nd Co-Leader, 29th Leader
Gar101: 42nd Co-Leader, 30th Leader
Amax1: 43rd Co-Leader
Ahmed7569: 44th Co-Leader
Super Edwin: 30th Leader
Agent Brando: 30th Leader
Harry0368: 45th Co-Leader
Peachpincher: 46th Co-Leader
CapnRyan11: 47th Co-Leader

Koloway: 48th Leader

NotManuGinobili: 49th Leader

CSY: 50th Leader

Max: 51st Leader

Medal of Training Holders
The Medal of Training is awarded to staff members in the ACP Training Regiment that show exceptional dedication to our cause. The ACP Training Regiment Medal of Training is the highest award attainable in ACP Training Regiment. 

Omega39: Founder, and 1st Leader
Axevoloution: 1st A+ Graduate
Clintos007: 2nd Leader with Jedimaster17
Jedimaster17: 2nd Leader with Clintos007
Manjenson: 3rd, and 4th ACPTR Leader with TyloV5
TyloV5: 4th, 5th & 6th ACPTR Leader
Matre10: 7th ACPTR Leader
Snowballpink: 8th ACPTR Leader
Casiusbrutus: 1st ACPTR Chief Executive Officerrrrr
Wolvetone: 4th ACPTR Co-Leader
Packer1nfl: 2nd ACPTR Co-Leader
Hawkboy15: 2nd ACPTR Co-Leader
Rider4429: ACPTR Co-leader
Twingy: 9th ACPTR Leader
Cg2916: 11th ACPTR co-leader
Sklooperis: 11th ACPTR Leader
12Declan12: 13th ACPTR Leader
Slider568: 14th, 15th, 16th and 24th Co-Leader, 12th,  14th, 16th, 18th, 22nd 26th, 39th, 47th, & 48th Leader, & 2nd Chief Executive Officer
Mchappy: 1st ACPTR Superintendent
Jackie202: 10th ACPTR Leader
Purple Slime4: 21st & 27th ACPTR Leader
Max: 51st ACPTR Leader

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